Creativity and technology

The ffuussTM hand dryer

The combination of creativity and technology that provides an optimal user experience.

It works with a conventional  23,000 RPM motor. The air flow is distributed through 108 oval outlets over both hands removing the water from their surface. In addition, the air is heated without using resistors, thanks to a n innovative pre-heating system patented by ffuussTM.



Air heating system

The Preheat is an air heating system, patented by ffuussTM, that works without the need for conventional resistors that have a high consumption and entail certain risks. The system is activated and controlled by environmental sensors to avoid a constant and unnecessary consumption, making the ffuussTM hand dryer safer and more efficient.

* Patent pending.

It costs 85% less

Air hugs

Design and distribution of the air outlets

The design and distribution of the air outlets is unique to ffuussTM and they offer authentic “air hugs”. The outlets have been designed to ensure the air covers as much of the area of the hands as possible and the combination of their different sizes minimizes air noise. Their oval shape and slight inclination projects the air in the optimal direction for drying hands.

Curtain effect

At the sides, outlets have been incorporated to produce a “curtain effect”, to prevent water from spraying out of the drying area.

*Patent pending

Pats air

Air speed

The ffuussTM  hand dryer dries hands efficiently and offers the user a pleasant experience. Our R&D&i department is constantly searching for ways to improve the motor’s performance and drying efficiency, without reducing the warmth of the “air hugs” that the ffuussTM hand dryer offers.

Massage effect


Wellness and relaxation

LEDs, located in the area where the hands are placed, create a cascade of lighting in different colours that enhance relaxation, wellness and reduce stress. The colours create a chromotherapeutic effect to enhance wellbeing and mental clarity. The colour experience, combined with the multiple air outlets, is what enables users to enjoy a pleasant hand massage.

* Patent pending.

A color experience

HEPA Filter

Treatment with antibacterial additives

The ffuussTM hand dryer contains a high quality H13 HEPA filter, with an efficiency of 99.97%, in order to guarantee hand drying with clean air. It is especially relevant in food-handling and hospital environments where high standards of disinfection are required.

The ffuussTM hand dryer has been treated with Biomaster antibacterial additives whose active ingredient based on silver ion technology prevents the growth and formation of new bacterial cells, meaning that the ffuussTM hand dryer is effectively and permanently more hygienic over the course of its lifetime.

100% hygienic


Laser diagnosis

Patented by ffuussTM , it’s a unique, silent alarm system, integrated in the design for a quick and easy equipment maintenance control. When the ffuussTM hand dryer reflects a fixed red dot on the floor, this means that the water tank has to be emptied. A red blinking dot projected onto the floor means there is a technical problem with the equipment.

* Patent pending.

Custom design

The colour and finishing of the ffuussTM hand dryer can be customized according to the taste and needs of the customer. Any colour from the universal colour charts can be selected.

A logo, brand name or any other design the customer requires can also be included.

*The dryer can be customized in almost all cases provided the requirements meet the ffuussTM criteria.

Telemetry System


Patented by ffuussTM, it is very useful for the distributor because it sends information about the state of the equipment remotely by Bluetooth, which eliminates the need to disassemble the dryer.

The connection is activated manually thanks to infrared detectors in the equipment. It runs in Android but will soon be available in other systems.

* Patent pending.


Customizable color combination



Dark Grey

Matte Cyan



Pearl Copper

Pearl Gold Metal


Red Coral

Matte Red Coral

Honey Yellow

ffuuss color azul genciana

Do you want a custom design?

Any colour from the universal colour charts, as Pantone, can be selected.

A logo, brand name or any other design the customer requires can also be included.

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