Growth is not an objective, but a consequence

Ots Group is a family business group with a clear international vocation, located in the Barcelona área, founded in 1995. Today the group is made up of four companies: Injecter, Injecter Business, Solsomot and uuss. All of them take advantage of four key foundations:

Hoy todas ellas se nutren de los cuatro pilares esenciales del grupo:


It is at the service of the needs of our customers.

R&D Department

We make their needs our own and we meet them with: market researches; definition of the product profile and life cycle; appropriate studies on the revaluation and treatment at the end of the service life; competition analysis and a study on everything related to the patents; and industrial protection, patent analysis or the need for them.


A workforce of engineers and technicians which have brought a creative attitude along with their value and capability in order to o er a new view on problems and opportunities.

Engineering Department

Meticulousness is not incompatible with dynamism. That is the key of the success. Prior to starting mass production, among other elements, prototypes, scale models, simulations, destructive tests and strength tests are employed; all of them to ensure that the products and processes work flawlessly.


It is essential to optimize the quality-cost-service relationship.

Production and Logistic Department

How? By Lean Manufacturing management of the value flow, together with material and resource planning as a key element for maximizing the time factor. In addition, the rapid change of tools, items, series or manufacturing is possible through SMED management provided by our Production Engineering Department.


Due to our customer-focused system, we follow the Kaizen improvement philosophy.

Quality Department

A team of specialized technical engineers with an extensively equipped laboratory support, with two major fields of action:

– The standardization of products and processes.

– Continuous Quality Control is performed with the work of a team of verifiers that inspect the product 24 hours a day.