To better understand this healing method called Chromotherapy, let’s start figuring out the word:


Chromo – It comes from the Greek ‘chroma’ and it means color,

Therapy – It comes from the Greek terapia, and it means treatment


According to that, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a treatment based on color, but how does it work?


The color has been investigated as a medical treatment, which is known, since 2,000 B.C. It has always been known that colors have a great influence on the mood, so much that, for example doctors, have been changes their clothes from white to blue or green. This is because white color caused nervousness among patients, while other colors give quietness. But they don’t only affect the mood, but the feelings and emotions as well. Colors have the ability to calm, inspire, excite, balance or change our perceptions, which led to consider them as therapeutic tools for themselves.


A little background about chromotherapy

We go back to the cultures of ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India, where phototherapy (or light treatment and chromotherapy) was already practiced. The Egyptians use sunlight as well as the color of healing needed by tinted windows. According to Egyptian mythology, the art of color therapy was discovered by the god Thoth. The Egyptians use sunlight as well as the “color of healing” by tinted windows. According to Egyptian mythology, the art of chromotherapy was discovered by the god Thoth.

In the Hermetic tradition, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used colors by minerals, stones, crystals, salves and tinctures as resources for treatment and sanctuaries were painted in various shades of colors. In ancient Greece the color was used for the physical examination, and also as a base treatment to restore balance. Clothing, oils, salves, ointments and creams are used to treat diseases. The Greeks were aware of the biological changes in the body as a result of treatment with color. However, they did not know why they had a blind faith in the healing properties of colors. In India colors appear in the theories of the chakras and in China believe in the use of color to create vibration and interactivity with “elements”.


Apart from these civilizations, the sun has been adored around the world (its rays contain all the colors of the spectrum) in different ways and is appreciated for its therapeutic value in life. After ancient civilizations, chromotherapy was forgotten and often frowned upon, until the eighteenth century, when scientists and philosophers were interested in it again, and in the twentieth century colors began to be used again for therapeutic purposes.


What today is known as color therapy, is due in large part to the work of Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali, a researcher, doctor, chemist and physicist who says that through the colors people can be healed of disease. He created an encyclopedia of three volumes in 1933 entitled  “Spectro chrome metry encyclopedy” which disclosed 316 treatments for diseases with mixed colors that managed to generate the body’s balance necessary for each person. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) associated each color with the life stages of a person. Throughout the nineteenth century, healers have claimed that colored glass filters could cure different diseases, ranging from constipation to meningitis.

ffuuss collection of colors

Nowadays the colors that are used are as follows:



It is exciting, especially because it increases energy in order to facilitate circulation. The use of red is indicated for the treatment of energy disorders and physical apathy, anemia, bronchitis, constipation by intestinal digestive atony, rheumatism caused by cold, chills, colds, lack of hemoglobin, frigidity, sterility, hypotension, neurasthenia and tuberculosis . Psychologically it is stimulating and facilitating extraversion. Its abuse can cause aggressivity, irritation and fatigue.



Favors the action of the sacrum and spleen chakras. It is also used to treat energetic imbalances in the kidneys. It is the symbol of feminine energy, creation, friendship, life, joy and happiness. It influences the physical vitality and intellect. Psychologically, it favors processes of waste disposal, is indicated to treat sorrow, loss, relationship difficulties, problems of introversion and favors changes and gives courage to face life. At the physical level, it is used to treat asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, mental and muscular disorders, cramps, rheumatism, tears, sore in ligaments, bone fractures, kidney stones, intestinal spasms, hypothyroidism, prevention of malignant tumors, constipation and menstrual difficulties. The orange clothes helps to restore balance, increases optimism and sexual tone and removes inhibitions and psychological paralysis.




It stimulates the brain, nervous system, facilitates concentration, improves reflexes, helps to realize goals and overcome fears, cure depression, facilitates the provision of meaning to life, the assimilation of food, digestion and relaxation. Indicated in cases of paralysis, muscular rheumatism, constipation, chronic indigestion, abdominal inflammation, disorders of the pancreas and gallbladder, overloaded liver, intestinal parasites, headaches, impurities in the blood, lack of concentration, pessimism, skin disorders and bipolar disorder. Yellow foods promote losing weight because they eliminate the excess of body fat. It is an effective antidepressant recommended to look, drink, eat and wear.



In combination with red, it helps eradicate severe infections of energy flow. It is used to boost the immune system. It is used in infections and infectious diseases, soothes and reduces inflammation and helps the enjoyment of family life. It is a color related to the throat, breast and thyroid; feeds the central nervous system, it stimulates discernment and restore peace.


Symbolizes peace and tranquility. It is used to calm, treat thyroid and parathyroid glands, throat (laryngitis, tonsillitis and goiter), neck stiffness, incontinence, inflammation, insomnia, childhood ailments such as teething or ear problems and throat. Used to reduce fever, stimulate the lymph nodes, remove cell waste from the body, treatment of mental fatigue and stress, fear, palpitations and insomnia, stings, headaches, bleeding, hypertension, stress, vomiting, nervous cough, infections, eye inflammation, painful menstruation, toothache, stomach cramps, epilepsy, mouth sores, burns, acute spinal pain and insect bites.



It is the color of balance and harmony. Effective in treating physical fatigue and injuries, produces cellular regeneration, is used in the treatment of malignant tumors, to increase the defenses of the immune system, heart disease, the circulatory system problems, headaches, neuralgia, sleep disorders, emotional instability, power adaptability, promotes physical relaxation, has antiseptic properties and detoxifies. The use of green tones, relieves stress, fatigue and headaches, helps with liver problems and is beneficial in cases of claustrophobia. Green foods detoxify, increase stamina and endurance, and tone up the body.



It symbolizes spirituality and intuition. It is used in chromotherapy to calm the nervous system, treat insomnia and mental disorders such as schizophrenia; stimulates production of white blood cells, eliminates toxins, heals inflammations and sciatica. Its use is recommended for emotional distress, jealousy, envy, nervousness, fear without cause, asthma, goiter, cataracts, cystitis, states cholera, diseases of the scalp, inflammation of nerves, epilepsy, insomnia, indigestion, skin irritation , lumbago, meningitis, pneumonia, memory loss, rheumatic problems, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys, due to cold or moisture, blood detoxification, tumors, cancer and AIDS.



You can only get it with combinations of lights. Just below the frequency of ultraviolet light, magenta color activates the higher chakras. In a bioenergetic level, it acts on imbalances that can lead to serious illness and emotional level, can leave old relationships behind. It also helps eliminate clutter in our lives. It is a spiritual color, to discard ideas and thought patterns that no longer serve. It acts on body, mind and spirit. Used to treat the emotional aspects of the person, in cases of sinusitis, tinnitus, benign cysts and retinal detachment.



Currently, there are two types of chromotherapy:

  • Luminous chromatotherapy. Consists in projecting a light color rays obtained by passing a white light through a filter. These filters select precise lengths of waves that the eye perceives as “colors”. This is used at three levels; disease level when the pathogen comes from the environment. In traumatology, all algias (pain in a particular area) less than trauma. The treatment of sequelae of head injury improves memory, attention disorders, anxiety and depressive background in rheumatology. In dermatology: herpes zoster, herpes simplex, burn scars or post-surgical.

 At eye level: an effect of “central” regulation at head level with a double mental and physical effect is generated. It will also be used to treat a sunburn or a state of “shock”.

At the level of an acupuncture point: Before any acupoint treatment is determined by the trigramática writing.

  • The molecular Chromotherapy uses the same wavelengths than the luminous chromatotherapy, but from the stuff, instead of the light. This is used on two levels; Cutaneous: locally applying ointments containing the selected oligoelement. And orally: Under homeopathic drops or granules. The choice of oligo-element will be based in the area to be treated.


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