Dhofar Global distribute the ffuuss hand dryer



Demonstrating their commitment towards the highest standards in quality, technology and hygiene, both ffuussTM and Dhofar Global, have signed a partnership that allows the latter to become exclusive distributor of ffuussTM products in Qatar.

Dhofar Global is a leading supplier of hygiene products in the Middle East. With this partnership the ffuussTM  innovative hand-drying range will be introduced into Qatar.

Qatar is a growing market with a high demand for top quality products and ffuussTM  hand dryers are the perfect match for this area.

ffuuss hand dryer distribution.

ffuuss hand dryer distribution.

The state-of-the-art hand dryers made by ffuussTM  have a patented air heating system that works without conventional resistors to avoid constant and unnecessary energy consumption. The unique design and distribution of the air outlets ensure an even distribution of air, to cover the maximum surface of hands and minimal noise and splash without affecting performance efficiency.

The hand dryers are fitted with HEPA filters and are treated with anti-bacterial additives, which guarantee a 100% hygienic hand drying experience. They also have LEDs that create a chromo therapeutic effect for a pleasant hand massage experience. There is also a patented telemetric system, which is integrated in the design and allows for detection and diagnosis of system breakdowns, via Bluetooth. The hand dryers can also be customized with personal designs, finishes, colours, logos and brand names for different businesses.

ffuussTM  has demonstrated its commitment to superior quality and its customer first philosophy. We have dedicated all necessary resources to generate brilliant ideas and products. Our many years of experience and hard work have yielded a great product, our hand dryer range.

We hope our hard work and determination will help us become a reference in their sector.

For more information, download the press release here:  Press-ots-fffuuss-dhofar-190916