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01  HEPA filter

A high quality filter that ensures hands are dried with clean air. This is especially relevant for use in food preparation and healthcare contexts. Every single filter has a test certificate certifying compliance with HEPA H13 specifications.

02  Telemetry system

Patented by ffuussTM, this is very useful for distributors and large accounts, such as hotel chains. It allows remote equipment status information to be obtained to detect and troubleshoot problems via Bluetooth, without needing the hand dryer to be disassembled.

03  Diagnostic light

The hand dryer’s diagnostics are displayed through the same LED light. A white light indicates normal operation, a steady red light indicates a full water tank and a flashing red light means there is a breakdown.

04  Water tank

Treated with the Biomaster antibacterial additive, this allows the water coming off people’s hands during drying to be collected via a drain.

05  Co-branding

This allows the manufacturer’s brand space to be shared with the distributor’s brand.

06  Colours and material

6 unique colours achieved with direct injection in ABS, a lower-density material which significantly reduces the hand dryer’s weight and its environmental impact. It also provides extra muffling against noise and vibrations, thereby reducing the hand dryer’s noise levels.

07  Savings

With very competitive prices, annual savings of almost 90% are achieved when compared to paper towels, while savings of over 68% are achieved compared to other standard hand dryers with similar features.

08  Air outlets

Their shapes, angle and different sizes offer genuine “hugs of air” and generate a curtain effect that prevents splashing.

09  Easy disassembly

Designed for quick and easy access to internal components.

6 colors to choose

ffuuss 2 white


ffuuss 2 white
ffuuss 2 black


ffuuss 2 black
ffuuss 2 amarillo


ffuuss 2 yellow
ffuuss 2 blue


ffuuss 2 blue
ffuuss 2 green


ffuuss 2 green
ffuuss 2 red


ffuuss 2 red